This lady on the river walk, smacked her daughter and was drunk out of her mind.

Exactly. I have seen my family do this sadly to ppl who were probably more successful than them. They have actually taken neighbors minority children on things like this as there token kids until the parents found out that they were being scammed for money or the amount of slurs that they dropped.

This sadly reminds me of my SIL and brother who berated me after years of no contact bc I have a rare autoimmune disease that has rendered me disabled. I was still not able to get certain benefits bc I "make too much". People like this love to threaten others and play victim after they are not getting their way or exposed. Personally I was the rediculous names & accusations. I was a college drop out. I failed at a home business (while disabled) . I was on welfare food stamps. I was an alcoholic for having wine at a wedding during their Facebook stalking. I was a drug user bc I tried cbd oil.

Later, I decided to do some research after I the harassment from them got so bad that I attempted suicide twice and was literally not able to fucking function after I was beat down so badly. These conservative loving assholes had no idea of politics and how it would effect them. I found out that they were actually on foodstamps. They also had two failed lawncare businesses and didn't understand that you need to be insured. They also lost new clients due to profane language and domestic violence in front of the client homes. They also have been evicted & lived in section 8 housing but they make fun of others who live in their means without those services. My brother is a high school drop out. Something my mother had lied about. His wife has no college degree and possibly a high school drop out as well. But I have an associate nursing degree and several other certification degrees. But bc I tried to go back these type throw failures in your face. I could go on. I really hope that others seek relief from the clutches of people like this. These type of people are toxic. They love wearing their opinion on their sleeve or above their tits. They are NOT conservative or from the south but just uneducated TRASH.

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