Lady refuses to give her kids their fathers gifts, theres a couple videos of him just trying to do the right thing, takes busses to see his kids and shes always in the way being petty

I have some experience here that might contradict what you are saying.

A dead-beat parent can use this type of thing to emotionally abuse children. 364 days a year they can't be bothered to give a shit about the child, don't attend events, don't help at all with raising the child or loving the child.

Then for... Lonelyness, social media likes, and general sympathy or whatever self serving reason, they show up once a year with a gift and promises. They pull the child in emotionally just to ghost them the next day because they're back to their other life of not giving a shit, while playing the victim.

I'm willing to bet this guy has no custody of the children (or he would just give them the gifts on his day) and didn't lift a finger the rest of the year for the kids. If I were the other parent I wouldn't want him around either.

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