The Lagina map: what you are looking at

This is just to show you what the meaning is of the Lagina's survey plotting thart they displayed on the show so you can see what they are really doing.

A lot of you know now the Oak Island search started due to a circulating Spanish origin treasure map but I notice a few of the postings by 'certain names' that are still trying to say 'Shakespeare' or 'Templars' or 'the flood tunnels are protecting it' or 'they'll find the treasure next episode.'

The 'speacial' bearing is the important line to follow as it leads to the (said) location of the treasure at the intersection of the grid and triangle on the map.

Unfortunately still they are choosing to hand out scripted 'maybes' instead of telling you the far more interesting story and history behind it all. Still, if you know about it, you can follow what they really are doing.

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