Lake Highlands Finds the Secret to Great Public Schools: Getting Rid of Poor Kids

Yeah I remember it perfectly. Did I engage in a few childish pranks? Sure. Things like throwing a snap pop at my buddies foot. Or maybe a few times passing a note in class.

But I certainly didn't try and beat the living shit out of my own teacher, or get into extremely brutal fist fights or run with a gang and smoke dope on school grounds and beat up smaller kids of a certain race. I didn't come to school and use the most foul language I could. I tried to follow the rules. Wanna know why.

My parents. Every year a week before school my mom would come and meet the teachers and let them know she expected me to behave and if I did not they could paddle me, and then she was to be notified as well, so she could also discipline me.

My mom didn't come up to the school and cuss out the teacher if the teacher disciplined me. I also didn't do anything so bad it warranted the police being summoned. I also had chores to do and my parents wanted to see my report card grades, and scolded me if I got any C's.

I had structure and rules at home. I guess what I'm saying is yes these are kids but a fundamental problem is their parents lack of involvement. The community understands this and that is why these kids get pushed out.

We're long past giving these kids baby mommas and their absent fathers free rides in our nice communities. These absent parents who do not care about being involved in their kids lives are no longer welcome in these communities. People are tired of it. They've had decades and decades now to get their act together, they don't want to, period. So they can act like viscous animals if they want, just not in our communities.

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