Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Was up in Tahoe, late July, no snow. Cold AF. Greatest thing on earth, the hike up there (even at 11k feet) is exhausting and hot. There’s no greater feeling than an ice cold lake when you’re hot AF. Our puppy who has now seen 100 lakes but at this point has no idea BOOKED it down (like our of control range but there were no visible living things) to a lake that was easily 45 degrees on our hike out from Desolation Wilderness, stuck his belly in it for about 2 mins then was good. We agreed, that cold ass lake was one of the more satisfying moments in our life.

TLDR: hike in baking sun for a day (10ish miles) then find cold lake - salvation.

Also: Desolation Wilderness is dope, don’t judge it by the name. We saw no bears

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