Lamp's plays from last night.

He didn’t get wrecked on any one play but he definitely didn’t show anything particularly good. In my admittedly limited knowledge of blocking schemes he seems to struggle in zone blocking where he starts with a double team and has to hold the block after the tackle leaves or has to decide when to break off to the line backer. He either hesitated or doesn’t get control on the initial assignment which makes the tackle not get off to the second level in time and the strong side linebacker blows up the play. He plays much better when he has a designated block and a clear assignment but even then he doesn’t ever dominate his block. Couple good breaks where he seems to blow his block on the weak side but the rest of the line breaks down too so his blown assignment isn’t noticeable. Hopefully it’s just a game speed adjustment as he has one or two plays where he’s in position early enough and Looks comfortable making a good block but he seems to struggle to get in correct position.

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