Landlind numbers and addresses

Update: The reason that I made this post is because I'm a lazy twat who got woken up by the phone at 8, when I fell asleep at 6 and just wanted to go back to bed lol

"Hi can I speak to Laura please"
'Sorry no, she doesn't live at this address anymore'
"Oh well we need to come anyway, its about gas pipes"

I couldn't be bothered so I asked what the latest times in the day they could come were, said I was busy and to call back at 1pm. Its a mobile number that rings, so I answer it and its someones plumber apprentice asking how they get to "2 Dale Drive". I said "I think you've got the wrong number" and he said 'Is this not Laura?'
I didn't know that I sound like a Laura on the phone but apparently theres something weird going on at the telephone exchange with divvying numbers to any old address

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