[Landlord KS] can we post funny stories here?

On the flip side of this, my housemate and I were model tenants for 3 years in a really nice corporate managed property. We paid for professional housekeeping 4 hours twice a month. Professional deep cleaning (2 cleaners x 4 hours) twice a year. The apartment was immaculate when we moved out (also had a 2 person x 4 hour move out cleaning after all of our stuff had been moved).

No damage whatsoever. Not even visible wear-and-tear other than a couple of small paint scuffs from the movers that didn't damage the drywall at all. Hardwood floors as bedroom carpets left spotless.

Fuckers tried to ding us for $850 against our security deposit, until I presented them with a crapload of photos, cleaning receipts covering all three years, and them declining via email to do a move-out inspection as, "not needed." Also accused us of leaving trash behind in the garbage area. Again: had receipt that we had all of our stuff professionally hauled off before the final cleaning.

"Oh. We'll refund your full security deposit." You're fucking right you will. I wonder how many other tenants they routinely pulled this with and didn't get called out on.

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