Landlord says rent check cleared, our bank says they've never seen the check, after 3 months.

Hi banker here, I have seen this problem before.

Based on the information there was likely a processing error when the check was deposited at your landlord's bank. Either the check didn't scan properly and a teller manually made the error or a digital system misread the account number entirely. The check debited another person's account at your bank with a similar account number. Even with advances in technology detecting such errors they still do happen more rarely but more often than people realize.

You landlord should verify with his bank that the account listed on the check matches the information received from the Federal Reserve. This would not be something the average teller would be able to verify and will either require a manager or an escalation to their bank's corporate unit. As it is highly likely that the check will eventually be returned if when the debited account holder does eventually notice.

Keep the funds for rent in your account as it will be debited when the error is found and the adjustment was made.

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