Landlords are very normal people

I guess you've never heard about /u/stonetear and literally asking for help on reddit to cover shit in Clinton's email server.

Top comment from OutOfTheLoop:

He was an admin for the infamous Clinton e-mail server. During the investigation he was offered immunity but still refused to testify. Recently it was found that a couple years ago, he posted on Reddit asking for help sanitizing some data from the e-mail archives. Depending on who you ask, the request was anywhere from completely innocuous (replacing e-mail addresses with generic placeholders but keeping the names intact) or highly illegal. As soon as this was found out, he went through deleting every one of his posts. So now the investigations are firing back up because of possible new evidence and Reddit is apparently getting asked to cooperate by turning over the deleted posts.

There's been quite a bit of news coverage:

This guy worked for a fucking Presidential candidate. He asked for help breaking the law on reddit.

Yes, people are really this fucking stupid at all levels of society. Stop acting like this horrible shit doesn't happen and is just people trolling.

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