Landlords slash rents by up to 20% as tenants quit city centres in pandemic

I am happy with this but want to address some anti-“rich” hate comments (especially landlords).

I assume most people on this subreddit don’t actually own their homes or flats (I do). I also assume most of you don’t have friends or know several rich or very rich people, so-called HNWIs in the UK (well, I do).

Which makes me assume that most of you have no idea how much it costs to actually maintain those rich people’s flats & houses in Belgravia or Mayfair or any luxury location. It is not cheap. Yes I know, some rich people are total scum. But they wont give away their money, you won’t “eat them” and if you take their property by force you won’t be able to actually maintain and pay the bills. The real truth is that most of these very rich people actually demand lots of services and many middle-class to low-class people can provide those services and make some living. I highly recommend I have an opportunity just talk to them let them explain their life and their costs instead of thinking every rich person is the worst human being on the planet.

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