LAPD doing a 'drive-by' for illegal assembly

THEN SAY THAT TO THE COP DON’T JUST REACH. I’m not trying to be inflammatory but this is really just how I feel about dude. Everyone is saying oh how horrible cold blooded murder. But dude gave the cop 1000% of the justification he needed to shoot him dead. Such a shame that he did that. If I find myself in that situation you can bet your ass I’m getting out of it alive. The cop was very very very incredibly clear with his instructions. NO WEIRD MOVEMENTS OR I WILL SHOOT YOU. And the guy does the classic gun reach (obviously he was just pulling up his pants) but he gave the cop all the reason he needed to fire. The cop values his life infinitely more than he does yours. DO NOT GIVE THEM THE REASON TO SHOOT. There’s a reason a judge found him innocent and all you brainless people are saying he’s guilty. You can’t think and accept the facts of what happened.

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