LAPD when the victim was robbed of only $950

My car suddenly broke down in the middle of a major intersection during rush hour and I started having a major panic attack. I had no idea what to do and people were cursing at me outside the windows and doing other dickish things. My entire body froze and I dialed 911, pleading for help. I begged the operator to just get me to the side of the road because I was blocking traffic and physically could not get myself to move.

Anyway, the operator laughed at me and refused to send someone out. I pleaded, and he paused and said, "Welllllll, I might have someone come out there, but I don't know. It might be an hour or so." I sat in shock and started screaming in desperation for someone to help me. After five minutes, a Good Samaritan helped me push my car to the curb and offered to help me get in touch with a tow truck. On his own time, he sat with me for a few minutes as I calmed down. I will never know who he was or his name, but I am forever grateful.

Like, I get this is a major city and there are "bigger" things to worry about. But along with general anxiety, I was hit by a car a few months before and still had major PTSD around cars/traffic. And everyone knows the city's car culture is a major issue. Someone could have gotten hurt. People were purposely coming right behind my bumper and swerving around, laughing and cursing. I was afraid someone was going to storm out of their car towards me because you never know. Aren't the police supposed to help in a situation where multiple people are in danger?

Moral of the story: Don't put any trust in the LAPD and the city needs to have people who will respond appropriately to situations like this. We need trained mental and physical health professionals to be on call to help a person experiencing an emergency situation. Not the police.

And please, when someone is stuck in the middle of the road or some other bizarre shit, just try to have some compassion. Traffic sucks, but there are human beings behind the wheel.

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