A large museum in my city has a temporary exhibit about Japan. And at the end of the timeline was this. Apparently RWBY IS an anime.

Theres a good number of Anime that arent solely Japanese creations out there, too - A couple of seasons ago, there was a Japanese adaptation of the very much Swiss show Pingu. A couple years back there was an Anime that came out that, like Heroman, was a Stan Lee co-creation - The Reflection. It was pretty bad.

Or even this season of anime alone - Tower of God. A Korean made comic, adapted by Japanese animation studios, but licensed and produced by Crunchyroll, an American company, although theres more international work than just some guys in California making anime.

And thats not counting the fact that there are Chinese animated series which often just get mistaken for Anime anyway.

The line blurs, so when one of the best known Japanese studios made a 3 minute long video for Shelter and the /r/Anime mods took it down and compared it to Spongebob it pissed a lot of people off. Especially when Shelter is amazing.

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