Large potential for employment of Agniveers in the Corporate Sector: Anand Mahindra

To be honest, I don't see it. Whenever I open Twitter, I see most 'blue ticked' people with 'journalist but views are personal' are critical of BJP. Yes, the BJP IT cell exists, so does other parties'. But this "BJP is manipulating" media is very overexaggerate because there are a huge chunk of National media as well as Regional and online media who are very critical of Modi govt.

Now I know that this sub is very much Anti-BJP and saying this kinds of things will result in mass downvote. But it is what it is.

Every media house is taking sides. If the owner of Zee is taking side of Bjp, then the owner of NDTV is doing the same for Congress. Here in Bengal, almost all the print media as well as the electronic media is allegedly bought by TMC govt and they have became nothing but a mouthpiece of that wretched party.

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