The Last of Us 2 confirmed for State of Play

I don't think you should get hated for an opinion as it's certainly a valid one when you consider the surroundings of the game. Personally, I don't want that to happen but if Joel did die, I can only see it happening in the way that he probably wanted it to happen in that it was to save Ellie. Similar to how he used himself as a shield in the opening scene with his daughter but unfortunately did not take the bullet in time. If Ellie killed Joel, I would like it to be that she was 'saving' himself for turning. I don't think Ellie could go.tbriugh seeing Joel turn.

If your outcome is true then it would mean Joel turning into a dick that pushes Ellie or Ellie just lost the plot. I wouldn't like seeing the characters brought in that direction.

In a yeah, it will be interesting to see. It can go so many ways which is why I love this game.

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