Last flight out of the embassy carrying the flag out of Afghanistan


Bin Laden was in Pakistan when we killed him, and we didn’t even use diplomacy. Just flew in, killed him, and left.

No defence of pakistan, as you’ve now admitted.

Your response to them:

Because diplomacy would have led to Pakistan protecting Bin Laden and allowing him to evade the US while corrupt officials tried to make some money for it.

Yeah they weren’t actually advocating for diplomacy though. Their entire point was that it was quicker and with a smaller cost in blood than diplomacy. Making this all a bit weird:

Do you really think some people way up in the Pakistan government didn’t know he was there or were willfully ignorant of the fact. Sometimes it is better to ask for forgiveness instead of permission. Pakistan bitched but it gave them plausible deniability also and they got over it anyway and he is dead and not sitting in Gitmo.

You can stop preaching to the choir any time now.

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