Thread: What Have You Been Listening To This Week? - December 17, 2014


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Diplomatic Immunity By Dipset Alright so I already listen to a lot of Dipset/Cam’ron but hearing Cam’s announcement about Purple Haze 2 got me hyped as fuck, so I was pumping this all week. Great album, it’s a double album and usually they get stale or boring when listening to, but this album for me does not get old when listening to it. Has some really great tracks Hey Ma Remix, I really Mean it, Dipset Anthem, What’s Really Good, I’m Ready, Bout it Bout it…Pt 3 are just some of the great tracks on here. 7.5/10

The World is Yours by Scarface Personally I think Scarface should be mentioned up there with the Nas’s and Jay z’s in terms of legacy and greatness. Most people know about The Diary and The Fix but Scarface has a bunch of amazing solo albums and this is one of them. Really just great southern hip hop, great story telling as always from Face. Really an album you should just listen all the way through. 8/10

Watching Movies With the Sound Off by Mac Miller I liked this album when it came out, thought it was a bit overhyped here, but still a good album. Listened to it again, feeling kind of shit this week so bumped this. Beats are different but are good, Mac delivers on this album. 6.5/10

Straight Out of Cashville by Young Buck Another southern artist, most probably know him from his work with G-unit and his phone call with 50. This is a really solid album, worth listening to, honestly if I was going to rank G-unit members individual albums GRODT is number one, followed by Hunger for More, I’d probably have this in the third spot (not including Game because the Documentary would be at number 2) 7/10

Crack by Z-ro This is the first Z-ro album I’ve ever listened to and holy shit he’s underrated. Barely see him mentioned. Loved this album through the first play. Absolutely recommend and if anybody could recommend some of his stuff I’d really appreciate it. 8.5/10

Purple Haze by Cam’ron lIke I said hyped by the Purple Haze 2 announcment, this album doesn’t get old. If for some reason you never heard this, listen to it now. My favorite album ever 10/10

Tha Carter by Lil Wayne Man I miss Weezy being on top of his game. Mannie Fresh and Wayne damn, great combination. Wayne kills the tracks on here. IMO on the level of Tha Carter 2. 8/10

Too Hard to Swallow UGK is fucking great. When I first started listening to hip hop I struggled listening to older stuff, for some reason Ridin Dirty and there other albums clicked with me and suddenly for some reason I had no problem listening to older albums lol. Check it out, fantastic album. 8.5/10

Living Legends by 8ball & MJG Another southern legend duo. Solid album not as good as Coming Out Hard but still really great. 7/10

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