The last gang - Sing for your supper [Punk]

Last Gang
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Last Gang are:

Kristan Walker -Vocals/Guitar Ritchie Townend - Guitar/Vocals Maff Smith - Bass Guitar/Vocals Matt Knee - Drums

Further emerging proof of the wealth of talent beavering away in practice rooms in the north. No northern monkeys these lads. Kristian Walker & Ritchie Townend, old school friends, used to go around one another's house listening to all the old classic albums of the time and thought that they had some great ideas of their own. Matt Knee & Maff Smith soon joined and Last Gang was formed late last year.

They write tunes with hooks so instant and insistent, you can hang up your hang-ups on em'. Songs that will stay in your head all day, choruses you don't feel a div joining in with. There influences betray a fine taste in music. Kristian's endearing vocals bring to mind the Clash's Mick Jones while their spiky, confident thrashing display the same deliciously jagged nu-new wave guitar chops as early Talking Heads or the Subway Sect. Their irresistibly spunky songs supply ya with same singalong pop thrills as the Buzzcocks. Read more on 1,420 listeners, 21,745 plays
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