‘Last Of Us’ HBO series adds Nico Parker To Cast

I think your question is rather weird. What do you mean what are they going to do with them? Voice actors that get actual acting roles are already actors and they aren't.

Blatantly wrong. Ashley Johnson and Laura Bailey both are actors and they've both used mocap acting for video games.

They've already cast the Marlene voice actress as the character for example because she was already an actor.

Cool. Neither Laura or Ashley plays Marlene so that's irrelevant.

Neil is friends with Laura Bailey and Johnson so maybe they get cameos. But expecting anything more than that is setting up unfounded expectations.

I am not expecting anything. Literally all I asked was what are they going to do with them. You need to stop assuming everything and then pretending like I said it or acted that way. It's really fucking annoying when you're ignorant on what I meant, how I feel and just the actual words I said.

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