last month was pretty crappy this month is looking even worse and someone blessed me in the Walmart parking lot as I was on my way in... it was on the ground in a tied up sandwich baggie.

Probably haven't read them an won't unless you can prove that it is non-partisan and peer reviewed. For all o know you are a stock holder in the company that wants ppl to believe its safe and all bad press is fake. What I do know is that I have buried 3 friends in the past year from the shit. And have family members that are in emergency services having to narcan people daily. People can believe what they want to and put whatever they want in there bodies; I was just trying to look out for a fellow stoner. I admitted that I hadn't heard any stories about it being in weed but who knows what ppl will do for a buck. Next time I'll make sure I consult with you first for any reading material I need to review before posting.

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