Last Night

I mean honestly I look at these problems too and don’t see how therapy could help a ton, but I think it just provides some structure for a way out the door at the very least. But also I sometimes wonder if there are underlying issues affecting the low-libido partner (like too much housework, feeling under appreciated, partner not speaking their love language- mine is 100% physical touch and I’ve always frustrated my partners by wanting to express love in little other ways. And my partners have always frustrated me because my libido is alwaysss higher than theirs. And I know that hurt of dealing with partner who turns you down constantly and it sucks.) I’m also really into enneagram (to give another example) and my enneagram 1 friends can’t get into it unless the bedroom is clean and candles are lit and their to do list is done. I’m a 7 and if it’s not spontaneous I have a hard time getting into it.

Anyway just saying that 1) this situation totally sucks 2) I think therapy is either a way to dig out underlying issues that may be fixable or to just carve a way out the door if they’re irreconcilable.

And the things you recommended would definitely help too I just don’t know how you’d want to out that extra effort in if you’re already so disinterested in sex (either because they’re inherently disinterested or because of a bigger underlying issue).

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