The Last of Us Part II [Official Discussion Thread #2]

I don't feel like the game can be properly discussed on this sub. Any and all negative feedback is just getting downvoted to oblivion. Personally, I am very, very frustrated by this.

I would love to see some actual discussion here that would help me understand the game's appeal. Because as it stands now, I simply can't force myself to pay ~60 EUR to see most of the things that I enjoyed in TLOU 1 be brutalized, maimed and just outright destroyed. This is not why I play videogames.

I am a big Bloodborne fan, so I have no problem with excessive violence, gore and frustrating challenges in a game, quite the opposite in fact. However, I don't see being forced to empathize with a fundamentally unlikable character for ~12 hours as a challenge. If it was any other title than TLOU (or even a Lost Legacy-like spin off), I would be much more open-minded about it. But here I am presented with no choice but to embrace the narrative I resent on a basic level for what is essentially the better half of the game. This is not what I expected and, most importantly, this is not what was promised to me. For years, Sony and ND set this up as a second part of Joel and Ellie's story. And, as far as I'm concerned, it actually ends in the first couple of hours.

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