Last sunset 9/10/2001 - Twin Towers

Both my husband and I were at work at a call center for magazine renewals. We live in NY state and can only call certain time zones during certain hours. ALL our calls were going to NYC and Jersey DURING the attacks. We were getting people yelling at us for calling them when our country was under attack and saying all kinds of horrible stuff. Again, we are a call center and no tv’s/radios going so we had absolutely no idea what was happening. We had all the agents log off so we could stop the calls and find out what was going on. Then we sat in shock and disbelief as we listened to a radio someone brought in from somewhere and found out what was happening. An absolute awful day that turned into an awful week as people watched on tv the massive fire, the rescue efforts and all that that entailed and then the saddening years that followed. It did however, bring our country together. The sense of unity, take my hand, bros being bros, sista’s being sista’s, we are a huge American family- we need that again now. 9/11 was a tragedy we will never forget but I miss that sense of we are one that it brought us.

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