The last two tv programmes you watched have a crossover episode; what happens?

Walkers are everywhere, a swarm has just left Atlanta slowly chasing down Rick and the rest of his group. Suddenly in the distance the revving of engines can be heard, as 3 cars nearby are plowing through the undead corpses causing them to ignore the survivors and turn towards the noise.
"There is something utterly beautiful about the craftsmanship of American military vehicles. The only thing wrong with it, is the fact that it's American" said the voice coming from the Humvee leading the pack as he spoke to a camera.
Suddenly the engine started to sputter and die as laughter could be heard coming from the walkie-talkie in the car to the right.
“I guess you made the wrong choice this week mate, May and I said your car would break down first” said the voice.
“HAMMONDDDD!!!!” Screamed the voice in the Humvee as it slowed to a halt, allowing the undead to surround it.
The two remaining cars could be heard laughing hysterically as they maintained the tradition of driving away from there disadvantaged comrade, at least until the 3rd car was finally stopped by the horde, typical considering how slow its driver was. 
As for the 2nd car, it had kept moving despite the shortcomings of its rather small and hamster-like driver, though it too eventually ran out of gas. Partly due to the poor choice in picking the Porsche as a survival car, and partly due to the gash in the fuel lines, having been caused by the now deceased Humvee driver, whose only solace came from the fact that he had mowed over the corpse of Zombie Piers Morgan hours earlier. 
Carl lowered the binoculars, “Looks like the Walkers got 'em Dad.”
“We have to keep moving just in case, lets move out everyone!” said Rick, as he picked up his gear.
 Almost as though on cue, the sound of a 4th engine grew near; Rick raised his rifle, peering through the scope at what appeared to be a Suzuki Liana driven by a man in a white racing suit. There seemed to be some writing on the windshield, and Rick could’ve sworn he heard “Mamma Mia” by ABBA being blasted by the stereo in the car. 
  “What do you see?” Asked Glenn curiously.
“Well I’d say He looks like a threat, and the Walkers don’t seem to want to attack him, but all I know is he’s called The Stig.”

(Walking dead & Top Gear)

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