Last week I had a major revelation on fat activists, this week after reading more about the negatives of HAES my old world is crumbling. The problems is, I'm still fat. Now what?

Hello! It's wonderful to see you here, honest and open about your struggles. Being honest with yourself is the first step and quite frankly is a very large hurtle that most people now-a-days can't seem to overcome. So congrats! :) Now that you have gotten that out of the way here are some pointers and I hope this helps:

  • Get myfitnesspal and be honest. You said you don't exercise and that's ok, alot of people don't. Simply put down "not active" in the app--stay honest. Count everything right down to the creamers in coffee, butter on bread, even the little bread pieces on salads. It all counts. there is no such thing as "it doesn't count"

  • start cooking. I can't stress this enough. Here is a very simple book. The recipes are easy, even someone who can't boil an egg can follow them. I know some folks poo-poo Paleo but it will help you cut down (even cut out) on certain high-calorie dense foods. It's a great way to have delicious foods without feeling like your hungry. Calorie dense foods like cheeses, white bread etc. that add to your calorie intake but don't do much for your hunger.

  • You can measure your food but I find it easier to use childrens plates. Don't mound. Don't go for seconds

  • avoid going out until you learn what's in the food you eat. You certainly can but most restaurants have ridiculous portions, appetizers (which are actually meals) and make it too easy to down 2000 calories off a pasta dish which looks innocent.

  • Load up on fruits and veggies and trash your snack stash (chips, cookies etc.) You can eat those in moderation once you learn how to count and what is a serving

  • learn about how to read labels. What is a real serving? How many servings are in one package. Here's a good place to start

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