Last week, my son was born - i made a natural choice

Last year I was finally able to afford a watch that means a lot to me, simply because it bears the name of Ayrton Senna. I was 9 when I saw Senna die on live TV and back then it was seeing an old man die. It touched me and I’ve always kept that moment in my heart when attending races and when taking the wheel, which doesn’t happen often and not at all competitively.

It was not planned and even though we did what was needed my wife got pregnant again, so we welcomed our third kid (which was planned for much later) last week. Naturally, since my other two kids are girls, he needed to bear Sennas name...even if it's only his fourth name and it's all highly symbolical (all our kids have their "neutral" first name + my one of wifes grandparents first name + one of my grandparents first name), it has no legal meaning in his everyday life and that was important to me too. :)

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