Late 2000’s early 2010’s game reviewer starter pack

He's just mirroring a bunch of stuff White people have been persuaded to believe. He thinks Whites are becoming a minority as if that's a bad thing. This stems from American politics constantly combining minority and second-class citizen as one thing.

He also thinks that immigrants should only come if they are able to assimilate to American culture. Which is part of the "American Dream"; becoming a successful American who wears suits, eats burgers, listens to Bob Dylan. I came here from a small South Asian country, and I didn't meet many people in the US with the same nationality. The way I smelled, what I ate, what I didn't know, all got used against me to label me as weird. I slowly learned, as a shy 12 year old, that White is the "normal." And what they do is what I should do. This is just how American societies are (or at least the ones immigrants want to live in), the things Jon is saying are things he's been taught the same way I have been. The only difference is he lacks the perspective I get to have as an immigrant.

He's got shit beliefs, but I think he's rational. I don't think he wants to be racist, but the things he said can easily be perceived as racism. It's important to understand the power structures we have in this country highly influence what you believe. Jon isn't out here saying BLM is racist, he's just mirroring the same fears so many White Americans believe, and I don't know if it's fair to blame them for it.

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