Late night confession thread: Confess where you stray from your beliefs sinners. I'll start

I used to visit LGBT shelter (even held an event once) and had sex with trans person (I think I'm like 95% hetero). I was also a "bully for bullies" in high school (thx to 6'3 and Chad physique), including when it came to minorities - I had muslim friends. And ofc I tried a lot of drugs. I'm still an authright - my pp gets hard to traditional values, private property and christianity and I don't like it when degenerates and economical incels (aka commies) become too loud. I tried LGBT activity out of curiosity and inner altruism - I was also helping my local orphanage and animal shelter sometimes. Well, fags are really oppressed a little too much here, in my country. Drugs and sex with the troomer - well, just a phase.

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