Latrell Mitchell goes missing in Panthers vs Rabbitohs preliminary final

I can't believe this headline tbh. I can't believe they have the audacity print this while pretending to give a shit about mental health issues such as after Greeny's death. Like, I'm sorry, but these articles are the reason that footy players find it hard to speak up.

I don't get it. Like yeah, Latrell doesn't do hard carries out of yardage. He never really has. Do you think coaches aren't aware of that? That's not his role on the team, and the coaching staff and team are clearly happy with that.

The reason Souths lost last night wasn't because "Latrell and Walker went missing" or anything like that. Souths have been teetering on the edge of the 8 all year, they're running with a coach in his first season of head coaching at NRL level and a rookie halfback who everyone was writing off at the start of the year. The second half of the year they could barely afford to lose. They've then come up against the best defensive team in the comp who've lost 3 games all season. Penrith winning wasn't a foregone conclusion, but Souths just didn't have it in them this game. That's how it is, only 2 teams are good enough to make it to the GF.

Souths had a great year really, and much of that can be attributable to Mitchell. News Corp can shut the fuck up.

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