Latvia offers Canada help in ‘likely’ election interference

a) again, we have established a burden of evidence and you've created this false dichomoty that its impossible to hit this level of evidence. I think this is a bit facetious. We are just asking for good sources, maybe a study done about this sort of thing. You are still having a hard time producing this.

b) The guy in the comment thread asked YOU for proof, dont tell him the onus is on him.

Man, we can't even talk about you or me or anyone being enlightened to your arguments yet. What arguments?

And then you end with the stick-in-the-head rendition of "why bother with evidence if you can't be convinced!", motherfucker prove it to me. Show me some good evidence of this interference. You haven't done that yet. Send me some fucking Governemental addresses, send me some studies on these things, not fucking hyperbole and blogs and media. I think what this dude and me are asking for isn't much, but good god if this is how quickly it takes for you to lose your footing in this sort of conversation, we are fucked come next federal election.

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