Make them laugh: India’s Dalit comics challenge caste, one joke at a time

many zamindars gave it away after Vinobha Bhave urged them to. Even the princely states gave away their lands to the indian state which redistributed the lands among dalits. This was even before the land ceiling act was passed. Who exactly took the whose land then?

Despite this many rajput families who owned lands well below the celiing have had their land grabbed by Dalits. And when protested, they were threatened with SC/ST act or females from their families threatened. I have seen this happen in UP, Bihar, MP, Rajasthan. Even in the 60s, land grabbing was prevalent. Aise hi nahi Lalu aur Mulayam yadav itne bade bane hai.

Our country is up for grabs and extortion. And most UCs are not the ones who are grabbing it.

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