I laughed way too hard at this...

Exactly this!!! Stardew helped me out so much when lockdown first happened. I was feeling so cooped up it was nice to “escape” to the farm....even if it was fictional. Then I got sick with pneumonia (possibly Covid?) for like a month and a half and stardew really helped get me through it.

Maybe I’m overly attached to this game but it’s helped me out during some rough times. And the collectors addition just seems like a love letter to the fans with all the stuff it comes with. I didnt even hesitate to buy it.

Not to mention supporting artists. I’ve placated my stardew obsession with buying some cool stuff from independent artists on Etsy to support those guys. If I have an artist I love that works really hard I’m more than happy to patronize them for their work!

To each their own but you’re reasoning is pretty on the nose for me as well (:

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