Lauren Boebert reported to FBI over Biden tweet: ‘We need to terminate this presidency’

I absolutely agree with getting involved locally. It's powerful. And I believe for many people it's immediate and meaningful because you can often witness the impact firsthand.

But I'm also with you on a national level. Our system has been turned into a hockey match. And I don't know how you reach certain demographics in a way that will encourage seachange. I've actually grown a bit defeatist about it, or made to feel that I was 'throwing my vote away' by not participating in the usual shenanigans. If it wasn't for my wife being so close to her family I'd be actively encouraging a move to Ontario right now.

I spent a bit of my youth being a cynical about our politics, and maybe a little doomy. I was the right age at the right time for that sort of thing. But deep down inside I never thought I'd be right. But here we are.

Thanks for the pleasant discourse.

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