Lauren Southern: Why I am not a feminist

Yeah, the custody issue bothered me.

I spent 5 years battling for custody of my son against my ex, who's father was the local sheriff and hooked him up with the Dad's America who steamrolled me with funds for better lawyers who postponed dates over and over while he moved around the state to get a "job" as a police officer (which lasted 3 months after he gained custody).
During that time, I was expected to fund all travel for my son and any time I wasn't able to afford it, I was brought to court. I ended up "giving up" in the end because I couldn't compete with the amount of money Dad's America was pumping into this case.

I now get shot down every time I try to have my son visit, get excuse after excuse of why I'm unable to have him for more than a few days a year, and there's nothing I can do. Lawyers have told me that this has been going on too long and now my son is "acclimated into a family environment", so no judge will, in their right mind, go up against DAD's to change it.

The worst part? Every guy in his family has done this exact same thing 4 different times to 4 different mothers. All of whom have either the same amount or even less contact with their kids. One of the ex wives recently shot herself last year because of the torment she went through in court.

While I agreed with a lot of her statements about equality, the custody issue is one that really needs a good looking at and really needs to be fixed so that organizations like DAD's don't end up destroying relationships with children and their mothers. I guess that's the same thing as many feminist movements gaining traction and ruining court cases for people accused of rape.

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