Lauren Southern & Mr Girl

I agree with a good number of his takes (at least 80% of the way, he tends to go farther than I would). I wouldnt necessarily call him abusive just because I dont personally know him, but I think he gets really close to me calling him a bit YIKES with the pattern we've seen in his conversations.

I think constantly calling into question people's beliefs about themselves, accusing them of lying, and calling them sensitive when they wont accept your 'I feel...' statement as a valid expression is pretty fucky behavior. And he does this in literally every single conversation at this point, he tells the person their self-reported feelings are wrong and then purports that he knows better than they do what they personally feel.

Then there was the boundaries bit with Supreme. Where Supreme outright said "I do not want to talk about Booksmarts" and MrGirl replied that he was going to do it anyways. MrGirl later blamed Supreme for allowing him to break the boundary, that if it was a real boundary Supreme would've held to it stronger. Really calls into question MrGirl's understanding of consent/boundaries.

Theres some other smaller stuff but this is enough to make me wary of the dude interpersonally. That said, as a streamer I appreciate his presence and what he is adding to conversation outside of these issues I think he has.

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