Lauren Southern clashes with feminists at SlutWalk

This whole "unreported rapes" slippery slope is getting tiresome. If a rape goes "unreported" it's the same as bringing it to trial without a conviction; it's meaningless, you are assuming guilt instead of innocence and accepting someone's story over evidence. That'd be me like me trying to publish a report on crime rates without convictions; it doesn't hold up under scrutiny because it's mostly heresay or unproven testimony. This is like rating a sniper on his unconfirmed kills; nobody cares.

I need to make it very clear that in Canada, we take rape very seriously. The Canadian legal system goes to great lengths to protect women's bodies from would-be assaults through active deterrents and proper legal recourse. The phrase "look at what she was wearing" has never held up in a court of law as an excuse to sexual assault. No judge would ever say "well with a mini-skirt like that little lady you were obviously begging for it." Which sort of frames the debate rather well; we look our nose down on anyone who uses the victim-blaming argument which speaks to our culture being very anti-rape.

While some men will inappropriately touch women who dress slutty they can often get a can of whoop-ass opened up on them for doing it, and their assaults garner no sympathy whatsoever. The difference between men and women in this scenario is that men look to prevent hardships that befall them through whatever means is within their control. If a certain type of clothing produces unwanted results for a man he will adapt and change his clothes to stop it. These feminists would rather begrudge the natural instincts that have helped to perpetuate our species for tens of thousands of years then to stop openly tempting men with their bodies dangled like a carrot on a stick. If a lady is trying to attract a guy by dressing half naked they're going to be attracting a man for all the wrong reasons. While its easy to condemn the men who act out and grope sluttily dressed women, empowered women should take as much responsibility and control into their hands as possible and learn to find value in their appearance beyond flaunting their bodies; stop letting the patriarchy convince you all your worth is in your body as a sex object to be put on display. Of course for feminism it's all about changing society and not changing for society so this whole taking responsibility for anything hasn't caught on for a lot of them.

Using rape as a colloquialism, is just part of youthful insensitivity. Like how young folks call -things- retarded, or gay as a derogatory remark. Using the word "rape" is actually less severe than either of these because we -want- negative connotations around the word rape, whereas labeling something retarded/gay as intrinsically negative really disparages people who are homosexual or mentally handicapped. In a lot of cases I see gamers use the term to describe the situation where in a game overwhelming dominance is removing the joy from one side when it should be something fun for both sides; a rather apt analogy. "Man this guy is getting raped" He's getting so dominated he's obviously just not having fun anymore. While this is still something we should refrain from doing it is better to come up with alternatives than to simply condemn. Encourage people to use the word "owned" so you can offend slaves instead ;)

I'm inclined to agree with the creator of the video. Nobody gets high fived for rape, and we don't look upon convicted rapists with any remorse. The biggest culprits for devaluing rape accusations nowadays is actually women who cry wolf; in order to have something be taken seriously all of us must treat it with severity. If false rape allegations were not handed out so willingly, or used to garner attention and sympathy but instead given the gravity it deserves we'd be better off. Punish women for crying wolf because rape's no joke and you hurt women more than anything when you do it.

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