The US has a law called the ''Hague invation act'' that allows the US president to invade the Netherlands if any American is ever put to trial at the international criminal court.

The US has so many bases in Europe and troops stationed everywhere.. with CIA blacksites all over the place.. I'm going to wildly assume they wouldn't even need to "invadeWait so you think the US is the only power or perhaps the only Western power ever to throw international law out when it's convenient? Like you think Europeans have 100% regard for international law and would never break or bend it?

Oh right, I'm on r/europe where everything is always significantly worse on the other side of the fence. And what region of the world started not one but two of World Wars? But muh international laws.

And do you really seriously think the US would invade the Netherlands? Again, this is r/europe so that answer is (sadly) likely a yes. Yet NATO is the greatest thing ever on this subreddit..

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What this thread boils down to is a reality that'd never happen but a platform to bash America because it's literally Europe's favorite thing to do. Superiority complex.. I think that's what it's called.

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