Law Enforcement of Reddit, what do you think when you watch the video of Mesa AZ police Officer Phillip Brailsford shoot the unarmed man in the hotel hallway?

I'm in criminal psychology, honestly what struck me the most about that video was the officers voice. In the beginning, he is authoritative and has a strong voice. He gave commands, "you WILL do this", which is not unusual for an officer, but there was something about the delivery that bothered me. I couldn't place it until he gives the final commands before shooting. The officers voice remains 'matter of fact' throughout. He says, "you WILL kneel", "you WILL cross your legs". There's never any fear from the officer, he's never worried the guy has a weapon, his voice reflects that in absolutely no way. I fully understand why the kid started crying when officer sociopath said, "Do that again and I will shoot you". It was fully an act of authority in my perspective. It felt like the officer knew he was not in danger but choose to escalate the situation despite this. If the actual shooting was intentional or not is harder to determine, but I would have a very, very hard time testifying for this officer having just seen the video and without doing an evaluation.

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