Law enforcement and security officials reveal that US leaders and executives allowed companies to be hacked by China without consequences because they were worried about confrontation causing trade and stock prices to drop.

When he said his campaign was spied on did you believe him?

Kind of, except frankly, I think if he was spied on, it was warranted. Obviously you're free to disagree with me.

When he said there was an imminent border crisis?

No actually, I thought it was political theatre and politically motivated entirely. Again, the way Trump communicated and framed it was a huge issue for me. "M16 and Mexican rapers are crossing the borders in droves so they can kill you and your families, and democrats love it." If he had actually conveyed the situation as it really was, without the ridiculous lies and hyperbole I might not have been so hostile to the idea.

Once I heard on NPR that the border crisis is a lot more real and not grounded in the narrative of murderers rapists and M16 mounting a siege on the border so they can kill Americans, I took it more seriously, and yes, I know I did sprinkle a little bit of hyperbole just now myself, but only to try and convey how ridiculous it sounded to me.

I still see the border crisis as a humanitarian crisis, not an attack on America.

Or that the whole collusion narrative was a sham?

I don't believe it was a scam. Did the campaign itself collude with the Russian government? No, that has explicitly been ruled out. But the campaign did, demonstrably, collude with Russian elements. Stone himself was in direct communication with what amounts to Russian intelligence assets, that is what Guccifer 2.0 was, they coordinated with each other to release hacked documents in orchestrated efforts to do as much damage as possible to Trumps political opposition. That happened, and no one can say it didn't, it's all laid out in Stone's indictment papers. Nor is it the only examples of the campaign working with Russian elements, even if technically informal elements and not official Russian government elements/assets, and why would they? It wouldn't be necessary, back channels exist and it makes no sense to be associated with the actual government of Russia, especially when in essence the Russian oligarchy is practically a front for the Russian government itself.

I actually did believe Trump when he said he was going to reform the healthcare industry after he dropped the tax-fee, that fee is BS because it doesn't even account for individuals who can't afford health insurance and so pay their own way, like I had to do. Pay $500 a month out of my own pocket and then another several thousand in a tax-fee because I don't have insurance? Fuck that. I had some hope for Trump at that point, but it quickly spiralled.

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