Lawyers of Reddit, what was the best 'gotcha moment' you ever experienced?

I am not a lawyer. I did however sit in on jury selection for a trial.

We didn't know why we were there. We were brought into the courtroom, and this lawyer comes over and starts speaking with us. After some basic discussion and questions he asks, "Would you trust you fate between freedom and imprisonment to a machine?" Everybody unanimously said no, absolutely not, or something to that effect. Then he says, "Then why would you trust a breathalyzer?" It was pretty slick.

Then we learn we are in a DWI trial. The guy refused to take a breathalyzer on seen. The prosecutor comes out and asks me directly, "What would you have to see to convict this guy of DWI?" I said I would need to see him slurring or stumbling in a field test, or some indication that he was actually drunk. The prosecutor rudely interrupted me and said, "No, wrong. The law says that a 0.08 BAC establishes the limit and you must convict". I was a teenager and not in the best place in my life, so I told the prosecutor, "Look, don't ask me what I have to see if you don't want to hear it. I don't care how you think I should answer." The courtroom laughed a bit, the judge quieted it down, and then gently chastised my behavior. I was almost immediately released from the jury selection to go back to work.

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