Lawyers of Reddit, what is a detail that your client failed to bring up to you that completely lost you the case?

.....physical evidence is not the only thing a jury is instructed to consider in a crime. They consider a wide array of things, including character assessments, witness testimony, circumstantial evidence, and the reasonable preponderance of something happening as stated.

You are either being purposely naeve or you are indeed a child. I hate to break it to you, but in the real world having a tattoo of weed on your body is generally taken by nearly everybody to indicate that you smoke it or possess it or both, at varying times.

You’re right, he did say “marijuana trial.” Presumably if something got to trial, the prosecutors have a body of evidence they are presenting to the jury. This weed tattoo was almost certainly just the icing on the cake.

Again, this may come as a reality check, but your appearance and the way you choose to represent yourself come into play in virtually all of adult life. Having a weed tattoo on your body will (completely reasonably) count against you in a trial to determine whether you’re guilty of weed related crimes. Just like having gangland tattoos will not help you in a trial about gang related crime.

What I’m explaining really isn’t complicated. It is very childish to play this game of “oh no matter how I look or represent myself nobody could ever use that to assume things about me.”

I agree this alone would be a silly reason to convict someone of anything, and does not constitute material evidence of a criime. Nobody is saying that but you.

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