Lawyers of Reddit, what was the least defendable case ever brought to you?

Italian lawyer here. Happened in a divorce.

This guy comes in, tells me his story.Small town dude, car mechanic, no education, very traditional, you get the type. Wife doesn't want him anymore, no sexlife, she sleeps in another room, he does everything in the house, chores, groceries, takes care of the kids, the whole thing. Anything against you i ask? Nope. Basically an angel. Okay i say, easy.

Only he omits to tell me a few things, which i find out pretty much in front of the judge:

basically this dude spent his whole severance package in strip clubs and prostitutes, and then he took not one but two loans to keep spending on more strippers and prostitutes. This all known to the family, because he reasoned and said, "i worked all my life, i deserve it". Enough? Nope. The guy proceeds to date one of these strippers.. Enough? Oh boy no. He takes said stripper home. On christmas. At this big italian family gathering, relatives and all, and says "now she lives here".

Yep, that went well.

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