LAX photographed from the same spot over an eight hour period

I would put a lot of money on this not being the answer. Even if you sat there for days, the chances of there being enough aircraft to neatly pick ones that just happened to be in the exact positions you needed is precisely nil.

Aircraft land at almost exactly the same spot on a runway, sure. But different aircraft of different sizes and with varying performance in varying conditions do not all neatly take off at nearly the same point on the runway. Each aircraft takes off shortly after the point where that particular plane reaches its Vr (or rotation) speed, which varies significantly down the length of the runway based on the model of aircraft, its thrust, its payload and even the wind conditions at the moment of takeoff. And from there, they don't necessarily climb at the same rate either.

The chances that this is anything except a whole bunch of work cutting out individual aircraft and pasting them into a background where the photographer decided to put them are zero, and not one fraction higher.

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