LCS isn't dying in NA, LoL is dying in NA.

The barrier to entry has arguably gotten even worse than it was when I started playing.

I’ve 100% given up on trying to get other friends into playing League. Hell, they want to learn. But I can’t play with them or we’ll all get thrown into smurf queue, the tutorials don’t teach you anything (lul buy this item, no we’re not going to explain stats or active items, attack this champ, no we’re not going to explain how minion aggro works, cast these spells, no we’re not going to explain the difference between energy and mana and what a manaless champion is), and backseat tutoring is stressful for them because they have to learn and apply all of the concepts at the exact same time and even if they do it right they’ll still lose because some stuff like gamesense and macro is just intuitive and teaching in a custom game is fucking boring for everyone.

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