Leaflets from #SAA to residents in eastern #Aleppo: Children are for school not for terrorism - Think about the future of your children

Assad is the reason school cannot happen in eastern Aleppo.

The bombing is half the reason, the other half is that the terrorists persist on holding the civilians close to them, so the bombs hit them instead and they get free propoganda.

The parents of the children will be taken away and killed in the Mukabarat death prisons as Ceasar showed us.

Ceasar showed us very little, only 6,786 bodies supposedly photographed in military hospitals and prisons, and the report was funded by Qatar. I am sure that the suposedly all omnipotent Airforce Intelligence and so on have far better things to do at the moment than go around detaining some residents who have suffered enough.

The regime supporters here promoting a noble dictatorship are living in an alternative reality.

Not promoting a noble dictatorship, only the better choice in an incredibly grey area. Nor am I living in an alternate reality, some people seem to be however, when they can't see the reality on the ground.

All the dictator had to do was step down and elect a new government. He thinks no price is enough to keep the throne.

What would Assad stepping down have achieved? Even the concessions were not enough for the protestors, and before even the concessions things were spiralling out of control, and Assad stepping down would have added fuel to the fire. If he steps down now it will be a free-for-all Libya style, as he said he would be happy to step down once the war ends, but for now he must remain. You really do paint him as some demonic figure but in reality he is just a man.

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