In leaked audio, Mark Zuckerberg rallies Facebook employees against critics, competitors, and Elizabeth Warren.

So you're just doubling down on the slander while claiming you aren't then?

I'm not a Centrist. I'm just explaining why some people consider it slander.

when it was the progressives saying don't push it because it needs local momentum.

Going to need a source on that

And calling Clinton centrist. What can I possibly say when you're arguing something based on absolutely zero logic?

Hillary Clinton voted in favor of a bankruptcy bill that hurt the middle class after she was paid an enormous sum by Wall Street. Elizabeth Warren warned her not to do it.

If this place is just going to be another sub hating on centrist Democrats I'm out.

I think you misunderstood what I was saying. I meant that the term was slanderous to Elizabeth Warren. She's being called a moderate when she is not one. I did not mean anyone here should use it as a slanderous term to other people or candidates. I was trying to explain why Progressives feel the way they do; not about everyone in this sub.

I'll quote a mod here, u/zdss:

Don't call other Democrats names. This isn't a war with people inside the party. Some groups may never be enthusiastic about Warren, but they're still allies in the bigger fight.

It's also the 4th rule in this sub.

Dividing Democrats

We need to elect and support Democrats. Posts and comments that intend to divide the Democratic party are not allowed.

Only limited and relevant posts and comments about past primaries will be allowed.

I do not believe anyone here should attack any subscriber or call them names. That would include calling a candidate a Corporatist or anything else. Everyone should feel welcome. :)

If you're a Centrist and are interested in Elizabeth Warren, that is fine. If anyone uses it as a slanderous term toward you in this sub, then you should use the report button.

But you must remember the history of our party and understand why Progressives in general feel the way they do. They feel betrayed because the majority in the party doesn't feel the way they do. But in this sub, they need to be accepting of others, despite their internal feelings and be open to other ideas. Warren is all about ideas.

Stop attacking the Democratic Party.

The idea is to change how the Democratic Party operates; not attack it. Elizabeth Warren is doing everything she can to support the party and other Democrats in it. To get anything done, we need to take back the Senate, the White House, and state legislatures.

Warren invested heavily in the midterm elections, even as she was running for reelection back home, raising or donating nearly $11 million on Democrats.


and in her 2020 Presidential campaign:

Campaign manager Roger Lau said the Warren campaign will hire state directors and organizers to help Democrats keep control of the House, take back the Senate and win key state legislature races.

"Remember: this election is about more than just beating Donald Trump — he's just the worst symptom of a corrupt system," Lau wrote. "If we want to make big, structural change, we need to make sure Democrats control the U.S. House and Senate and win important gubernatorial and state legislative races across the country."


While we disagree on some things, I hope that puts you a little more at ease.

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