I want to learn how to draw but I have no motivation. What can I do to help myself?

Fair enough with the chat thing, I should have read your pinned post. My apologies on that front.

I play video games because I like them and I use Reddit to talk about that personal interest of mine. That's literally the entire reason I downloaded Reddit. Reddit is a forum for me to talk about recreational activities that I like to do. Real life is for real life and up until now, I've left it at that.

You don't know anything about what goes on in my life and yet you still decide to make my life seem like its a steaming pile of failure based off only what you see. I simply made a post about my struggles and asking how I can help pick myself up to get more motivation for taking up a hobby that I'm interested in. And thats all it is. A hobby. A PERSONAL hobby. What I actually do with the rest of my life is completely and totally separate to this issue and if we were talking about stuff like my future aspirations, then yeah fair enough call me out like this all you want as that's something thats actually important to deal with in one's life. But it's not what we're talking about.

I'm not trying to 'compete' with your son and I don't appreciate these constant comparisons to him. I am not him, nor is he me. I'm not trying to compete with him for 'for the world's resources'. He sounds like a very smart kid (especially for being only 13)and it's good to see him actively partaking in all those different activities. But I legit just wanted advice to help motivate myself on learning to draw. That was all. I want to learn how to be a decent artist as art is something I'm interested in but struggle to actually take up. Nothing more than that.

And yeah I'll admit, I shouldn't have asked to slow things down. That was a mistake that I honestly commented on a whim only like 20 minutes or so after reading your first comment. But I'm not going to abandon an interest I have just to take up another interest that I only wish to take up for my own personal gain. Video games are something I find joy in and I'm not just going to abandon that so that I can start drawing instead.

If you wish to interpret this as me fighting back and refusing to admit anything then by all means.

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