At least 30 people loot a Best Buy in Minnesota on Black Friday

Just the end fruits of unchecked capitalism coming to a head. You can’t sustain commercial complexes when enough individuals are motivated by material scarcity to just brazenly steal things.

Systems that propagate wealth inequality tend to eat themselves when they’re left to run amuck. Convenient commerce and warehouse superstores are a simple mechanism that moves wealth upward. But as that wealth is funneled upward from consumers to shareholders it isn’t necessarily recycled back to the bottom. So eventually, those who consumed from such places gradually lose the ability to legitimately purchase the goods due to stagnant wages, inflation, etc and simply resort to stealing things as the economy fails to work for them.

Then suddenly, that easy convenient shopping experience that attracted consumers to you is now a liability as those consumers step down a rung on the economic ladder and resort to thievery. As they’re also remarkably easy to steal from.

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