At least my AD has been honest

It’s never been about buying things you don’t want, at least unless you want a watch NOW. It’s always been about building your relationship with them, and building your relationship with the brand.

I started with a Sub No Date 40mm at $7,500MSRP(remember those days…) Then a Explorer 39mm(discontinued), then a OP 39mm(discontinued), Air King(discontinued/updated), then Sub 41mm, then sub 41mm LV as I grew with the brand over 5 years.

Now, when I call(or they call me) for a GMT, Sky Dweller or Daytona, I have 5 years purchase history and 5 watches under my belt. I’m either added to a very short wait, or pickup is within a month.

Also, there’s no chance they sell me a cheap watch I don’t want. I’ve technically bought them all and they don’t sell multiples of what you already bought.

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